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The Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS) is a multi- disciplinary organization for advancing excellence in all aspects of Business Management, Engineering and Industry Integration. 





Our Vision

AIEMS is committed to furthering the integration between business management, engineering, and industry. Our objective is to promote research, collaboration and practice in these multidisciplinary areas. AIEMS seeks to encourage local, national, and international communication and networking via conferences and publications open to those in both academia and industry. We strive to advance professional interaction and lifelong learning via human and technological resources, and to influence and promote the recruitment and retention of young faculty and industrialists.



IEMS Conference

AIEMS is a proud sponsor of the annual International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems (IEMS). The conference is held every March and attracts participants from both industry and academia from around the globe. For more information on IEMS, click on the link below.

our publications

The Journal for Management and Engineering Integration (JMEI) is a bi-annual publication produced by AIEMS. Scholars wishing to have their papers considered for publication should follow the link below to learn more information on submission requirements and deadlines.

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